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Since 2012 Renanera have released 10 albums, have performed in over a very long serie of concerts and events, many well-known artists have collaborated including Vittorio De Scalzi (New Trolls), Eugenio Bennato, Pietra Montecorvino, Michele Placido, Mario Rosini, Ezio Lambiase, Gerardo Placido, Lino Vairetti (Osanna), Antonio Maggio, Marcello Coleman, Ciccio Merolla, Savino Zaba, Canio Loguercio, Francesco Boccia, Stefano Saletti.



«Il Provinciale» («The Provincial»). The journey of Federico Quaranta, entitled The Tale of Stories, broadcast on Raitre in prime time, touches 3 Italian regions including Basilicata and Renanera tell it with two songs: «Brigante se more» and «Croce e corna» (watch)


«L'altra stanza» («The other room». Documentary on Luigi Di Gianni. Directed by Alessandro Turco. The Renanera release under license for the documentary «Masciara, masciarella» which also includes the video clip edited by Gianni Saponara, «Acqua cheta» and the unpublished «Je sent 'ca ce sta», they also take care of the entire sound system. Production company: CinemaLive.

«La notte più lunga dell'anno» («The longest night of the year». Film with Ambra Angiolini, Alessandro Haber, Massimo Popolizio, Mimmo Mignemi, Antonio Petrocelli, Anna Ammirati, Massimo De Francovich, Luigi Fedeli, Pietro Sarubbi, Pascal Zullino, Nicolò Galasso, Francesco Di Napoli. Directed by Simone Aleandri. Songs used are «Ballatarantella» in three different versions, «Pozz'pure murì», «Piacere Noemi». Antonio Deodati and Unaderosa take care of the entire soundtrack. Production company: Clipper Media / Rai Cinema distribution Vision Distrinuition (watch the trailer)


«Beautiful Basilicata». Journey to Basilicata to discover its historical and culinary wonders. A lot of Renanera's music was used for the soundtrack of the series. Director: Vito Cea. Production company: Quadro s.r.l

«La dedica» («The Dedication» Unaderosa tells her personal story in her life and artistic path through her musical project Renanera. The tracks chosen are «Croce e corna», «S’adda parlà», «Cup cup», «Mal di Lucania». Production company: Verve Media Company-RaiTre (watch)

«Settenote» («Seven notes») broadcast by and with Gigi Marzullo. Episode of 15/06/2020. The song aired is «Tu si tu». Production company: Raiuno

«Il barone rosso» («The Red Baron». Broadcast by and with Red Ronnie. The well-known television host interviewed the Renanera live during the Coronavirus quarantine period and aired the video clip of «'O surdato' nnammurato». Production company: Red Ronnie TV

«Easy Winer - Basilicata coast to coast». Wine TV taste magazine protagonist Basilicata, its food, its wine and the music of the Renanera. The tracks chosen are «'O rangio,' o rangio», «Mal di Lucania». Production company: Wine TV (guarda)


«TOP - Tutto quanto fa tendenza/TOP - everything is trendy». The video clips of the songs «'O rangio,' o rangio» and «Fiore di Lucania» have been included in the well-known culture magazine of Raiuno. Aired on August 10th 2019. Production company: RAI

«Provincia bianca/White province» directed by Vito Cea and Angelo Calculli. The song included in the credits is «La bellezza dell'anima. Production company: Broadcast RVM distribution Lucky Red

«Matera Senza Tempo/Matera without Time». Promotional video DVD of the Murgia Materana Park. Also posted on the National Geographic website. The song chosen is «The beauty of the soul». Production house: Italia Senza Tempo.

«Blob» Directed by Enrico Ghezzi. On air on January 6th Raitre, the popular satirical strip dedicates 30 minutes to Renanera by inserting the video of Raiuno's New Year's Eve live and underlining its metaphorical sense. The piece is «'O rangio,' o rangio».


«L’anno che ver/The coming year». Directed by Maurizio Pagnussat. Aired on December 31st on Raiuno, shot in Matera and hosted by Amadeus, the Renanera were guests of the popular New Year's Eve TV show with the song «‘O rangio, ‘o rangio».

«Voci di una terra - Basilicata/Voices of a land - Basilicata». Directed by Federico Cataldi. On air in November and December in 8 episodes on Rai Storia and replicated on Rai Italia. The songs chosen are 19. Production company: Rai Cultura-Basilicata Region


«Senza orario, senza bandiera/Without a timetable, without a flag». Directed by Gino Aveta. On air on Rai Premium, the broadcast shot at the San Carlo Theater in Naples celebrated the 50th anniversary of the career of Vittorio De Scalzi, founder and historical voice of the New Trolls. The Renanera performed the piece «Creuza de ma» by Fabrizio De Andrè in a duet with Vittorio De Scalzi and with the special participation of Neri per Caso. The conduction was by Fabrizio Frizzi, while the artistic direction was by Dario Salvatori. The cast of the evening featured Beppe Barra, Lino Vairetti and the Osanna, Aldo Tagliapietra, Patty Pravo, Armando Corsi, Sal Da Vinci, Drupi, Katia Ricciarelli. Production company: Rai


«L’anno che verrà/The coming year». Directed by Maurizio Pagnussat. Aired on December 31st on Raiuno, shot in Potenza and hosted by Amadeus, Renanera were guests of the popular New Year's TV show with the song «Ballatarantella».


«Matera Prima». Directed by Nevio Casadio aired in the TG1 Speciale (Raiuno) column on June 21st. Interview and broadcast of 2 songs. The pieces chosen are «Campo (quannu moru po’ m’a scampo)» and «Quanta Paura». Production company: La Citadella del Sapere-Basilicata Region



2021. The Renanera video clip «Masciara masciarella», conceived and produced by the director Gianni Saponara, won the Calvello Movie Contest, organized and promoted by the Visit Calvello association. The jury was chaired by Angelo Mellone, deputy director of Raiuno.

2019. Renanera was awarded the certificate of «Italian Excellence» by the Ager Mea Association at the Italian Chamber of Deputies, the motivation reads «For having made known the best energies of the South through their music».

2017. They received the 20th Sirino D’Argento award from the editorial staff of the Lucanian newspaper «Il Sirino».

2017. They were awarded the Critics' Award for the Ethno Song section of the Mia Martini Award with the song on the theme of bullying «Je mo’ m’accir’».

2015. They won the fifth edition of «Music Against Mafias», organized and produced by MK Records, sponsored by Libera, an association of Don Luigi Ciotti, in media partnership with Radio Kiss Kiss and Tenco Award; they were semifinalists in the prestigious Musicultura Prize in the 2015 edition and took part in the XIV edition of the De Andrè Prize.




 Guests since the first live performances of important thematic events dedicated to world and ethnic music, the artistic project is in great demand in the sector's festivals. The most recent was Womad Rome 2023, the most important international festival of yes world music, the first edition in Italy, a Festival conceived by Peter Gabriel and produced byReal World, his record label .

They were guests of the Negro Festival (directed by Dario Zigiotto) of Pertosa (SA) with Graziano Accinni (2012) and with Vittorio De Scalzi (2014). In 2012 they participated in the Festival della Tarantella Lucana in Guardia Perticara (PZ), in the Lucania Etno Folk Festival 2012 (artistic director: Eugenio Bennato) and in the Festival nell'Aguraculum in Banzi (PZ).

They made the show Cantami o Diva in Ascoli Satriano in 2013 (show by Michele Placido, with Michele Placido, Gerardo Placido and Donato Placido).

They performed at the Meeting of the Sea in Marina di Camerota (SA) at the opening of Franco Battiato (2014) and Enzo Avitabile (2015).

In 2014 they participated in the 1st of May in Grancia di Brindisi di Montagna (PZ) as the central band of the event and opened a concert by Eugenio Bennato in Pietrapertosa (PZ).

They participated in the La Luna ei Calanchi Festival (Aliano - MT) directed by Franco Arminio in the 2013, 2014 and 2015 editions and in the Lights and Sounds Festival of the Calanchi di Montalbano Jonico. In 2015 they also performed at the Festival tra Tarantella & Taranta di Genzano of Lucania (PZ) and the Night of the Transhumance of Rivello (PZ).

In 2016 they performed at the Potenza Folk Festival after a concert by Vinicio Capossela.

They contributed to the charitable aims of World of Colors in Policoro (MT) by duetting with Eugenio Bennato, Rocco Petruzzi and Vittorio De Scalzi in three different editions.

They played at the Night of Transhumance in Rivello (PZ) (2014), at the Festival tra Tarantella & Taranta in Genzano di Lucania (PZ) (2013, 2014), and at the Torre d'Argento Award in Cirigliano (MT) (2013) and in the same context also with Vittorio De Scalzi (2014).

In 2017 they participated in the Cinecibo of San Severino Lucano (PZ), the International Folklore Festival of Castrovillari (CS), the Lucanian Week in Florence, the Notti della Magia in Albano di Lucania (PZ) and the 21st edition of the World Music Festival. Sentieri Mediterranei directed by Enzo Avitabile.

While in 2018 they performed at the Heraclea Award in Policoro (MT), opening the festival with a full concert, at the Matera fair of Matera event, at the Marateatro Festival in Maratea (PZ), again at the Night of Transhumance in Rivello (PZ) and at the Folkest of Spilimbergo (UD).

2019 are the Etnojazz Festival in Castrovillari (CS), Rockondella Festival in Rotondella (MT), the Cedro Festival (Santa Maria del Cedro - CS), the Grape Festival in Solopaca (BV), the Orsomarso Music Festival in Orsomarso (CS), at the Literary Pulce Prize of Villa d'Agri (PZ) with Vittorio De Scalzi and at Calici sotto le Stelle in Venosa and with Leon Pantarei they performed at the Artistic Pulsations Festival of Carolei (CS), at the Enchanted Refuges Festival of Monte Curcio (CS) and at the Paleariza Festival of Bova (RC).



The Renanera have been awarded the honorary citizenship of the City of Asti.

In January 2016 Renanera was the promoter band of the song Fiore di Lucania (Union of Musicians of Basilicata), a song whose video clip has over a million views on the Youtube channel.




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