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One of the most representative worldbeat music projects of Basilicata, RENANERA, active since 2012, have produced 9 albums and have performed in hundreds of concerts playing in squares, clubs and festivals and major world music events throughout Italy. The artistic project offers sounds and ethnic contents imbued with the Mediterranean and mixed with electronics. In live, through music and images, energy dominates the scene where peasant voices chase each other between lyrics and Mediterranean rhythms. The stories, culture and soul of the South in a show that is a mix of joy, poetry and the desire to be together to dance, sing and dream. There are also some new reinterpretations of well-known Italian songs in a world key, currently in rotation on many radio stations throughout the peninsula.

Live lineup, 4 musicians: UNADEROSA (vocals), ANTONIO DEODATI (keyboards, backing vocals, vocoder), DANIELE LEROSE (acoustic guitar, saz baglama, backing vocals), MARIAPINA DE ASMUNDIS (drums).

Types of show:

A) ON STAGE: Complete "street" production with classic audio/lighting setup on stage.
B) VILLAGE: Complete production with setting up in a characteristic natural scenic space, such as for example a small square in the historic center or a flat space at the foot of an ancient monument, or in a courtyard of a castle, an amphitheater, which will be colored with architectural lighting and the public, preferably seated, will be completely enveloped by the lighting system, becoming part of it. The show cannot be set up on a stage, but only in a space on the ground and set up with carpet or a low platform.


Maestro Mimmo Epifani, from Puglia from San Vito Dei Normanni, considered by critics to be one of the best musicians and connoisseurs of ethnic music at an international level, and Renanera, one of the most important artistic projects of current world music, come together in a live show full of energy . Starting from the recording collaboration that took place with the song "Pulcinella bella" (https://youtu.be/nqmsiTqd1Kk), the artists will come together to create a show in which the worldbeat sounds of Renanera meet the virtuosity and mandolin creativity of Mimmo Epifani. The live show features the best of the discography of the two artistic projects distilled in a mix of Mediterranean and ethnic sounds. The celebrating public will not be able to resist the temptation of dancing: 2 hours of intense emotions and joy are guaranteed.

Live lineup, 6 musicians: MIMMO EPIFANI (vocals and mandolin), UNADEROSA (vocals and wavedrum), ANTONIO DEODATI (keyboards, backing vocals, vocoder), DANIELE LEROSE (acoustic guitar, saz baglama, backing vocals), LORENZO BARONE (acoustic guitar and backing vocals ), MARIAPINA DE ASMUNDIS (drums).

Mimmo Epifani (bio)
Mimmo Epifani's long musical career includes collaborations with great artists such as Roberto de Simone, Massimo Ranieri, Eugenio Bennato, with whom he founded the Taranta Power movement and then Antonio Infantino, Caterina Bueno, Matteo Salvatore, Ambrogio Sparagna, Avion Travel, Peppe Servillo , Pietra Montecorvino, José Barros, Danilo Rea, Rita Marcotulli, Fabrizio Bosso, Roberto Gatto, Furio Di Castri, Xavier Girotto and Fausto Mesolella, with whom he took care of the arrangements of some of his numerous recordings. He was one of the protagonists of Notte della Taranta, he has set many feature films to music and participated in film productions as an actor and is known for the technical innovations of improvisation applied to his instrument, the mandolin, as well as for the "barber's mandola" technique.



13rd August 2024 - Bella (PZ - Italy) [live concert]

15th June 2024 - Rivello (PZ - Italy) [live concert]

1st January 2024 - MATERA (Italy) [live concert]



23rd December 2023 - Forenza (PZ - Italy) ~ Auditorium [“Hope” show]

5th December 2023 - Latronico (PZ - Italy) ~ Italia Theatre [Special Guest]

19th November 2023 - Special event "From Polish land to Italy" - St. Caterina Hotel - Scalea (CS- Italy) [Special Guest]

10th November 2023 - Mia Martini Prize - Cittanova (RC - Italy) [Special Guest]

31th October 2023 - Samhain Festival - Castelluccio Inferiore (PZ - Italy) [Special Guest]

14th October 2023 - Ginestra (PZ - Italy) [live concert]

22nd September 2023 - Rionero in Vulture (PZ - Italy) [live concert]

16th September 2023 - Muro Lucano (PZ - Italy) [live concert]

6th September 2023 - Scalea (CS - Italy) [live concert]

3rd September 2023 - Filiano (PZ - Italy) [live concert]

2nd September - Lucania Etno Folk (Guest Artist for Alborosie)- Satriano di Lucania (PZ - Italy) [live concert]

1st September 2023 - Trecchina (PZ - Italy) [live concert]

26th August - Genzano di Lucania (PZ - Italy) ~ White night [live concert]

25th August - Albano di Lucania (PZ - Italy) [live concert]

21st August - Thirty Years of Il Brigante Restaurant ~ Venosa (PZ - Italy) [live concert]

20th August - Aliano (MT - Italy) h: 3,00 (early on 21st August) [live concert]

20th August - Noepoli (PZ - Italy) h: 22,00 [live concert]

19th August - Heraclea Prize (with Savino Zaba) - Policoro (MT - Italy)

17th August 2023 - San Paolo Albanese (PZ - Italy) [live concert - guest: Vjeshi i Shën Paljit choir]

15th August - Montesano Sulla Marcellana (SA - Italy) [live concert]

14th August - Cirigliano (MT - Italy) [live concert]

13th August - Lagonegro (PZ - Italy) ~ Festa AVIS [live concert]

12th August 2023 - Sant'Arcangelo (PZ) [live concert]

11th August 2023 - San Costantino Albanese (PZ) [live concert]

10th August 2023 ~ Cantina di Venosa - Venosa (PZ - Italy) [Renanera + Ciccio Merolla live concert]

30th July 2023 - Tortora (CS - Italy) [live concert]

23rd July 2023 - Santa Domenica Talao (CS - Italy) [live concert]

08 th July - Atrani (SA - Italy) [live concert]

24th June 2023 - Pisticci (loc. Marconia) (MT - Italy) [live concert]

20th June 2023 - Aliano (MT - Italy) [live concert]

10th June 2023 - Villa Ada ~ WOMAD FESTIVAL ~ Rome [Neapolis Sound Project]

09th June 2023 - Bisignano (CS - Italy) [live concert]

24th May 2023 - Acerenza (PZ - Italy) [live concert]

14th May 2023 - Missanello (PZ - Italy) [live concert]

06th May 2023 - Rome ~Villa Lazzaroni Theatre [Show by G. Placido “A love in yellow Narciso”]

21st March 2023 - Lagonegro (PZ - Italy) ~ Regional Day "Libera - associations, names and numbers against the mafias"




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