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«'Sta voce è 'a mia»

Album Studio


data di pubblicazione May 29th 2020

Etichetta: T.S.A. Total Sounding Area


Anticipated by the first single «'O surdato' nnammurato», Renanera release their seventh record and reinterpret the Neapolitan musical tradition with 11 tracks of the Neapolitan song known all over the world. The title of the album is taken from the text of the opening song «Voce 'e notte», then the tracklist unravels itself in very personal interpretations of songs such as «Era de Maggio», «' O sole mio», «Malafemmena», « Luna rossa "," Anema e core "and three songs written by Renato Carosone «Maruzzella»,«Tu vuo 'fa l'americano»,«Sarracino», to close with the energy of «Mo Basta» rearranged to pay homage to Pino Daniele. A courageous work that offers ultra-modern sounds and the addition of vocal parts to the original melodies composed by lead vocalist Unaderosa. The singer of Neapolitan birth and origins, chooses as never before to risk, interpreting the songs without following any academic method and to show herself with her "defects" in a cover that portrays her in a nude that deliberately evokes the "Caravaggesque" style.

As usual, the arrangements were made jointly by Unaderosa herself and Antonio Deodati (musician of the project and producer also with Mango, Laura Valente, Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Corona, Federico Poggipollini, among others) and determine the element of contamination and meeting between generations. This time, in fact, the Renanera choose more "Urban" sounds with the aim of bringing an audience of teenagers closer to "classical Neapolitan" music. The title of the album is taken from the text of the opening song «Voce 'e notte». Unaderosa in some songs has inserted additional lyrics and melodies in order to make the reinterpretation even more personal.


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1. Voce 'e notte

2. Tu vuò fa l'americano

3. Era de Maggio

4. Luna rossa

5. Maruzzella

6. 'O surdato 'nnammurato (watch the videoclip)

7. 'O sole mio

8. Sarracino

9. Malafemmena

10. Anema e core

11. Mo basta



Arrangiamenti: Antonio Deodati, Unaderosa

Unaderosa: Voce

Antonio Deodati: tastiere, chitarre, synth bass, drum loops



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