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Rosmy feat. Renanera - «Ninna nanna»

Single of the album «Universale»



date of pubblication: January 11st 2019

ETICHETTA: Azzurra Music

catalog number: TRI1343


Produced by Renanera, the song is included in the debut album of the singer-songwriter Rosmy entitled "Universal" Ninna nanna is an ancient dirge sung in a low voice to one's child suddenly interrupted by the cry of pain of a mother who lives a senseless world at war. «I have always been tied to my land. since I was a child I breathed melodies of the past, stories of ancestors wandering musicians who played the harp and violin in New York, Paris ... And then two strong emotions: a place that knows how to relive the past, and the music that knows how to be a universal language that can be shared in the most modern way possible, without ever forgetting the energy of tradition, of one's own identity that Renanera know how to revive in the timeless footsteps of their beautiful music. Thanks Renanera "(ROSMY)


«It is called featuring but we Renanera like to think of a contamination and this is certainly one of the reasons why the collaboration with Rosmy was born. You have a wonderful musical world of your own. We imagined to represent the South through Rosmy's sweetness, femininity and passion, combined with our need for redemption that manifests itself through the often frank, sometimes intrinsic or even ironic contents, underlined by sounds that come from the Mediterranean and end up in the our songs with a very personalized style. It is the first time that Renanera have collaborated with a female artist and it is for this reason that our singer-songwriter, Unaderosa, felt very involved in this "made in Basilicata"; for her it is a new possibility to give voice to her thoughts, a way to demonstrate that ANtonio Deodati's arrangements emphasize beauty wherever it is with a style that is never intrusive but certainly recognizable. In this song Rosmy is the beauty and Renanera is her evening dress. Thanks Rosmy» (RENANERA)



Music and lyrics: Rosamaria Tempone - Concetta De Rosa

publishing: Azzurra Music srl - Bollettino Edizioni Musicali srl


Rosmy: vocie

Unaderosa: voice, percussions

Antonio Deodati: keyboards ,backing vocals, drum programming

Massimo Catalano: acustic guitars, mandolin, saz baglama

Pierpaolo Grezzi: darbouka e drums

Roberto Tempone: accordion



Ninna ninna ni, ninna ninna nanna, stu criatur’ nun vol’ jn a dorme
To madonna mia, to ca me l’ hai mannat’
Fammelo dorme mo ca l’agg’ curcat’
La naca vaj lu vient’ la vola, nun è la naca è santa Irena
La naca vaj lu viend’ la mena, nun è la naca è sant’ Nicola

prieg’ tu prieg’ tuccanneme a faccia
‘O ben ca tien’ int’ ‘o core
Nu lup’ si arriv’ t’o straccia, nu lup’ si arriva t’ ‘o straccia.
Tutt’ e sant t’avessena sent’ quann’ pass’ e fai finta re nient’,
Nanz’ a femmena jettata pe’ nderr’, nanz’ a gent’ ca vive l’infern’.
‘Mbara e criatur’ a pregà pe’ chi soffre,
‘Mbara e criatur’ a nu chiedere a Dio,
Po’ fall’ dorm’ senza avè paura,
Si ‘o mal’ s’e piglia nun è colpa loro.
Crisce criatur’ sul’ rerenn’, ‘o diavele arriva, se ‘mpaura e s’arrenne.

Santa Nicola è nu bell’ vecchiariedd’ port’ lu suonn’ ind’ a lu mantiedd’
Sant’ Nicola è nu bell’ vecchiarone, port’ lu suonn’ ind’ a lu manacone
Famm’ la ninna e fammela veloce come comanda lu Dio de la croce
Dio de la croce e d’ la terra port’ la pace adduve nce’ la guerra.


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