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«‘O Rangio»

Studio Album


date of publication: June 16th 2017

Recording label: iCompany

catalog number:: ICWM1766

The contamination between ethnic and electronic is the matrix for the entire tracklist of this record. In fact, the RENANERA logo symbolizes the sound synthesis of two musical genres. The spiral, a recurring symbol in the iconography linked to the taranta and in a broad sense to popular music, becomes square in shape like the microchip of computers and synthesizers used for the creation of modern electronic music. Antonio Deodati, also keyboardist of the band, in the production of the arrangements was joined by Unaderosa, author and voice of the artistic project. There are twelve tracks on the album. In addition to the launch single «Scucciat 'e me scuccià» (feat. Ciccio Merolla), chosen as the launch single of the album in which the rap of Ciccio Merolla, well-known Neapolitan percussionist, with strong and marked tones, manages to give even more push to the musical plot. On the record, «Rena Nera» stands out, a song in collaboration with Marcello Coleman and Je sto buona together with Vittorio De Scalzi. The fiery 'O rangio,' o rangio and S’adda parlà alternate with author's lyrics such as L’ammore ch’r’è. With Mal di Lucania, on the other hand, RENANERA sing the magic of a land, Basilicata, which is transformed into a spiritual and nostalgic relationship. While «Nu fatt 'pe' n'at'» has a sonority between ethnic and R&B. In the tracklist there is also a way to revisit a well-known leitmotif of the popular song by NCCP Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare, «La voce del grano» and RENANERA do it in a completely personal way. In the lyrics, Unaderosa also touched on delicate topics such as bullying with the song «Je mò m'accir'»(with which they won the Critics' Prize of the Mia Martini Award for the Ethno Song section in the 2017 edition) and the painful theme of children with non-curable diseases («Nun te scurdà and me sunnà»). To close the album is the song «La «ùBellezza dell’anima», an almost instrumental and experimental track, in which RENANERA almost becomes the closing soundtrack to their fourth recording chapter. A passage with text in grammelot, the language invented by Dario Fo for which he received the Nobel Prize for literature. Here the tonal nuances of Unaderosa and the vocal skills of Alberto Oriolo, violinist and chorister of the group stand out.








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1. 'O rangio, 'o rangio (watch videoclip) (watch TVclip)

2. Scucciat' e me scuccià (feat. Ciccio Merolla) (watch videoclip)

3. Mal di Lucania (watch videoclip)

4. L'ammore ch' r'è

5. Je sto buono (feat. Vittorio De Scalzi) (watch videoclip)

6. Rena nera (feat. Marcello Coleman) (watch videoclip)

7. Je mo' m'accir' (watch video Premio Mia Martini)

8. Nu fatt' pe' n'at' (watch videoclip)

9. Sa'dda parlà (watch videoclip)

10. Nun te scurdà e me sunnà

11. La voce del grano

12. La bellezza dell'anima (watch video "Matera senza tempo") (watch TVclip)



ProdUCED AND ARRANGED by Antonio Deodati & Unaderosa

Recording, mix, mastering and graphic design by Antonio Deodati for la T.S.A. Total Sounding Area - Lagonegro (PZ - Italy)


Dedicated to Karola and Nicolò, sources of love and infinite energy



Unaderosa: voice, wavedrum, darbouka, backing vocals

Antonio Deodati: keyboard, vocoder, rhythm programming, tammorra, backing vocals

Alberto Oriolilo: violin, special vocals, backing vocals, tammorra

Giuseppe Viggiano: guitars

Pierpaolo Grezzi: darbouka, cajon, pandeiro, bohdran,tammorra, vocals in «Je mo' m'accir'»

Vincenzo Messineo: timbales and congas in vocals in «Rena nera», tammorra and rototoms in «S'adda parlà», rototoms in «Je sto buono»

Vincenzo Viceconte: accordion

Vittorio De Scalzi: traverse flute in «Je sto buono»

Ciccio Merolla: voice and percussions in «Scucciat' 'e me scuccià»

Karola De Rosa e Nicolò Deodati: vocals in «Je mo' m'accir'»


Compilations entries


2018. «Pizzica la Taranta 2018»

Compilation Track


Recording label: REDLAND Music - Swithmute Music Group

(attached to Chi Magazine and TV Sorrisi e Canzoni). The Renanera song inserted in the first CD of the compilation is «‘O Rangio, ‘o Rangio» , title track of the album «‘O Rangio».




2017. «ETNO SONG Mia Martini Festival 2017»

Compilation Track


Recroding label: Elca Sound

Compilation of MIA MARTINI contest section. Etnosong of which Renanera won the critics 'prize with the song «JE MO' M'ACCIR'» (also contained in the album«‘O Rangio»)



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