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«Vento di terra, vento di mare»

Studio Album


date of publication: May 10th 2019

recording label: CNI Compagnia Nuove Indye

catalog number: CNDL32048

A brand new project for Italian ethno world music is the one that brings together VITTORIO DE SCALZI (artist of great popularity for music, not only Italian, progressive and author, founder of «NEW TROLLS») and the Lucanian RENANERA the ethnic band most representative of Basilicata. In the new work on the CNI Compagnia Nuove Indye label (the record company that discovered Almamegretta, launched Enzo Avitabile and Agricantus), RENANERA and VITTORIO DE SCALZI have ventured together in songs in the Genoese and Lucanian languages , mixing phonemes, rhythms and melodic and rhythmic expressiveness: not only a musical project but a true meeting of cultures, which will connect North and South, proposing songs that have at the center the drama of migrations and the Mediterranean Sea starting from that «Creûza de mä» by Fabrizio De André and Mauro Pagani, who renewed the epic of international world music. "RENANERA is a Lucanian band that expresses itself with a matric and popular, in which ethnic and modern sounds are mixed with fast rhythms of an electro-pop matrix. In the tracklist, in addition to unpublished songs, «Salvace sta terra», «Quante botte», «Nu suonn'e cartone», «Hatta mammona» (for the first time in two languages, Lucanian and Genoese); also the great hits of the New Trolls rearranged in an ethnic key («Quella carezza della sera», «Faccia di cane» and the well-known «Una minirera» embellished by an important artistic collaboration with LINO VAIRETTI of OSANNA who plays an introductory part in Neapolitan) , and finally Vittorio's memory of the collaboration with Fabrizio De Andrè (precisely with «Creûza de mä-Na strada miezzo o mare» sung in Genoese and Neapolitan). Listening to the album, the attention to detail and sound immediately appears. Many instruments from the world included in the arrangements by Antonio Deodati for the sound texture of the pieces that make the Renanera universe personal, in addition to the unique vocals of Unaderosa and Vittorio De Scalzi, the Lucan bagpipe of Pino Salamone stands out, one of the most important among the makers and players of bagpipes, the udu drum, the Egyptian dabouka, the Spanish cajon, the melodic drums, the Neapolitan tammorre and the Irish bohdran by Pierpaolo Grezzi, the interventions by Edmondo Romano with the chalumeau, the low whistle and the Scottish bagpipes, Alberto Oriolo's violin, Massimo Catalano's cordophones who also played the ukulele, the Armenian saz baglama, the Neapolitan mandolin, the battente guitar and the Calabrian lyre, and finally Antonino Barresi's Lucanian ciaramella.








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1. Vento di terra, vento di mare (watch the videoclip)

2. Stagiuin

3. Creûza de mä - Na strada miezzo o mare (watch the live video on RaiPremium)

4. Nu suonno 'e cartone

5. Una miniera (feat. Lino Vairetti)

6. Salvace sta terra

7. Faccia di cane

8. Hatta mammona

9. Quella carezza della sera

10. Quante botte (watch the TVclip)



Produced by Antonio Deodati, Vittorio De Scalzi and Unaderosa for T.S.A. Total Sounding Area

Recording, mix & mastering: Antonio Deodati @TSA Studio (Lagonegro PZ)

Music production by Antonio Deodati except «Vento di terra, vento di mare» by Vittorio De Scalzi and Antonio Deodati

Cover photo and graphic: Antonio Deodati

Internal photos: Vincenzo De Rosa



Vittorio De Scalzi: lead voice, backing vocals, classi guitar, traverse flute, synth bass in «Quella carezza della sera», synth bass and keyboards in «Vento di terra, vento di mare»

Lino Vairetti: narrator and sing in «Una miniera»

Unaderosa: lead voice, backing vocals, tammorra, turkish darbouka

Antonio Deodati: kayboards, vocoder, drum programming, synth bass, backing vocals

Pierpaolo Grezzi: drums, egyptian darbouka, roto toms, cajon

Massimo Catalano: saz baglama, mandolin, ukulele, lira calabrese, beating guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals

Nicola Calvano: egyptian darbouka in «Hatta mammona», backing vocals in «Quella carezza della sera» and «Una miniera»

Alberto Oriolo: violin

Edmondo Romano: chalumeau in «Quella carezza della sera», bag pipe in «Faccia di cane», low whistle in «Una miniera»

Antonino Barresi: ciaramella in «Quante botte»

Pino Salamone: lucanian zampogna in «Creûza de mä-Na strada miezzo -o mare»

Luigi Bloise: accordion in «Hatta mammona»

Valeria Condino: backing vocals in «Quella carezza della sera»

Karola De Rosa & Nicolò Deodati: backing vocals in «Una miniera»

Cristian Paduano: venetian mandolin in «Salvace sta terra»


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