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«L'uomo torna mare»

Studio Album


date of publication: May 6th 2022

recording label: T.S.A. Total Sounding Area

catalog number: BL8060538


The new record is entitled «L’uomo torna mare» with which the Renanera celebrate 10 years of artistic activity. The cover of the disc was made with a painting by the poet-painter Alberto Barra from Potenza. The work is a real figurative synopsis of the entire album. In fact, after a careful listening to the album, the artist absorbed the feelings of Renanera, representing, through a swordfish, the urgency to defend oneself in an overbearing and primitive way from a society in which it is increasingly difficult to discern the right and in which each individual, concentrated only on his "I", seems to want to devour even his fellow man in order to excel. The Renanera are very tied to their origins and have often dedicated themselves to the search for the traditions and numerous stories that belong to Southern Italy, just as they have always sought the right sound to make each piece coherent and extremely empathetic; but now, they say, it is time to fight, to make their suffering and the feeling of inadequacy that today's society weigh on every single individual sensitive to injustices. In the 10 songs on the tracklist there is also space for a re-reading of the Almamegretta song «Fatmah» and a remix of «Ballatarantella», a song composed by Renanera with Eugenio Bennato. Produced and arranged by Antonio Deodati and Unaderosa, the sound on this album treads its hand towards electronics, dub and hip hop always contaminated by ethnic nuances. Precisely for this reason, some of the tracks make up the soundtrack of Simone Aleandri's film «La notte più lunga dell’anno» (in the cast, among others, Ambra Angiolini, Alessandro Haber, Massimo Popolizio, Mimmo Mignemi).


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1. Ballatarantella (2022)

2. 'Sta società

3. Muntagne 'e munnezza

4. Che tarantella (guarda videoclip)

5. Luce dal Sud

6. Basta ca sona bon'

7. Inganni e favole

8. Simm' 'o Sud r' 'o munn'

9. Fatmah

10. Ballatarantella (Slow Remix)



Produced by Antonio Deodati & Unaderosa

Arranged by Antonio Deodati Recording, mixing, mastering and graphics by Antonio Deodati at the T.S.A. Total Sounding Area - Lagonegro (PZ)

The painting on the cover was made by Alberto Barra



Unaderosa: voce solista, cori

Antonio Deodati: tastiere, vocoder, programmazione ritmica, synth bass, cori

Marco Deodati: chitarre e saz

Alberto Oriolio: violino in «Fatmah», violino e cori in «'Simm 'o Sud r' 'o munn'»

Pierpaolo Grezzi: darbouka e tammorra

Gaetano Stigliano: mandolino in «Che tarantella»

Karola De Rosa: cori in «'Simm 'o Sud r' 'o munn'»

Nicolò Deodati: cori in «'Simm 'o Sud r' 'o munn'»

Compilations entries


«La notte più lunga dell'anno - musiche originali»

Compilation (2022)


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