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«Troppo Sud»

«Troppo Sud» - Special Edition «Il Quotidiano di Basilicata»

Studio Album



date of publication: March 15th 2012

recording label: T.S.A. Total Sounding Area

digital distribuition: Believe Digital

catalog number: BL244092


“Troppo Sud” is the debut album of the Renanera artistic project. It was published both in a limited edition jewel box version and in a special spindle edition with a circulation of 2,000 copies as a free attachment to “Il Quotidiano della Basilicata” in December 2012. This brought the Renanera to regional notoriety. The CNI Compagnia Nuove Indye supported the band in the editorial part. On this occasion, an important sponsorship was inaugurated with the Lucanian winery Gioia al Negro.


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1. Spirito

2. Cup cup (Tvclip)

3. Nonna no’

4. Nu ball’ pe sunnà

5. Tata ca moru

6. Hatt’ mammon’ (TVclip)

7. Core

8. Pisce spada

9. Troppo Sud

10. Rosa canta e cunta



Produced and recorded by Antonio Deodati

Unaderosa: voice

Erminio Truncellito: voice

Antonio Deodati: keyboards

Cristian Paduano: guitars

Fedrico Celano: percussions, duduk

Luigi Bloise: accordion

Pierpaolo Grezzi: bodhrán in “Spirito”, darbouka in “Troppo Sud”

Livio Truncellito: guitar in “Troppo Sud”


Entries in compilations


2012. «Lucania Etno Folk Compilation»

Compilation Track


Recording label: Agenzia di Spettacoli Rullo

catalog number: ADSR012012


The Renanera song included in the compilation is "Nu ball 'pè sunnà", a song from the album "Troppo Sud".




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