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Studio Album


date of publication: May 27th 2019

Recording label: WMusic

catalog number: ICWM1989


Leon Pantarei, "Guru" of Groove Therapy, Multi-Percussionist, Music Therapist, Singer, together with Renanera, a Lucanian band with an electronic sound of ethnic origin that is very successful, propose the RHYTHMOLOGY project. The new Label of the Italian World Music WMusic launches its first record by aligning an Italian project from the South to the most modern international productions. Literally Rhythmology means Philosophy of Rhythm. It is here that the Ethno vocation of World music meets Dance music through the universal language of rhythm and percussion. The resulting form produces a mestizo sound capable of oscillating also linguistically between the Calabrian Sicilian dialect and the idioms of the world. In the 10 tracks of the album, the dance aspect is highlighted in the very close relationship between the natural and sinuous sound of Leon Pantarei's percussion and the technological means of sound and synthetic grooves, typical of the dancefloor, conceived by Antonio Deodati, keyboardist and producer of the Renanera. The resulting mix acquires greater charm also thanks to the remarkable contribution of the enchanting and multifaceted vocality of Unaderosa (voice of Renanera), magically interconnected with Toasting and Leon's Canto. Rhythm philosophy, therefore, RHYTHMOLOGY shows us a new way to move and dance driven by the irrepressible impulse of the ancestral heartbeat.


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1. Rhythmology

2. Quetu quetu (Tranquillity Calm)

3. Sheep Dance

4. I fimmini vannu a mari (watch the videoclip)

5. Occhi turchina

6. U cori nun sa' venta (La rabia de l'ausente)

7. Acqua e vientu (Lo que tengo)

8. Anime da navigare

9. Keep Calm



Pdoduced by Antonio Deodati & Leon Pantarei

Recording, mix e mastering: Antonio Deodati @ TSA Total Sounding Area Studio - Lagonegro (PZ)

Musical production and Graphic Design: Antonio Deodati

LEON PANTAREI: Voice, Tabla, Doira, Darbouka, Blowing Processed Tombàk, Rototoms, Percussions, Fryng Pans and Steel Percussion, Hand Drum Set, Kalimba, Natural Grooves, Analogics Grooves Processing

UNADEROSA (Renanera): Voice

ANTONIO DEODATI (Renanera): Keyboards, Samples, Drum Programming, Synth Bass, Vocoder

MASSIMO CATALANO (Renanera): Saz Baglama, acoustic guitar

PASQUALINO FULCO: Electric and acoustic guitar,Solo guitar in #4,Fretless guitar



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