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«Renanera in Concerto»

Album Live



date of publication: April 18th 2016

recording label: T.S.A. Total Sounding Area

digital distribuiton: Believe Digital

catalog number: BL2025422


Recorded between 20th and 21st November 2015 on the last dates of «Troppo Sud» Tour in Turin and Asti, this live album takes an instant photo of Renanera's first tour, entitled «Troppo Sud», a show made of passion and ancient tradition.



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1. Spirito (live)

2. Cup cup (live)

3. Riturnella (live)

4. Arraggiunamm' (live)

5. Quanta paura (live)

6. Camppo (live)

7. Troppo Sud (live)

8. Nonna no' (live)

9. Ballatarantella (live)

10. Core (live)

11. Hatt' mammon' (live)

Brigante se more (live)



Produced and arranged by Antonio Deodati for T.S.A. Total Sounding Area - Lagonegro (PZ - Italy)



Unaderosa (voice and backing vocals)

Erminio Truncellito (voice and backing vocals)

Antonio Deodati (keyboards and vocoder)

Cristian Paduano (guitars)

Dario Truncellito (percussions and traverse flute)

Alberto Oriolo (violin, backing vocals and tammorra)


recording and mixing : Olindo Linguerri per Wave Service - Potenza

mastering e post production: Antonio Deodati

stage assistant: Marco Morelli

lights design: Rafael Onorato



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